Aircraft Cabin Interior Film Sets


Need a modern First Class interior then look no further. This modern long haul cabin seats 10 in their individual “pods”. 3 seats down each side and 2 sets of 2 in the centre. Each has mood lighting and reclines into a fully flat bed with the touch of a button. No need to lean across to close the blinds. Just press a switch and the blinds close the outdoor world away. 

A pair of doors either end allow for extension of the set into galleys and other cabins of your choice or be the first off at your destination. 

The cabin is pre lit with RGBW to the ceiling and walls. Ceilings are removable for camera access and the set is built bigger for all your camera access needs.



This one is amazing. After years of building airliner interiors we sat down with a blank sheet of paper and asked ourselves what the industry wanted. This is what we came up with. At its heart it’s a 45ft long section of real Boeing 737 – think Delta internal flights in that common 3-aisle-3 layout. It’s a real fuselage with real doors and a real interior. Everything works; RGBW camera tested lighting to ceiling and walls, seat belt signs, overhead reading lights, the lot. Use our lighting sliders or export to your own lighting desk. And so easy to transport anywhere around the world as its just 2 45ft shipping containers From the outside!




Airbus A320 Interior Film Set

A superb interior representation of an Airbus A319/A320/A321 Airliner. This aircraft is very much the backbone of the Worlds Short Haul fleet, operated by the Low Cost and Premium Carriers alike.

As configured it offers “3-aisle-3” seating. The seats are the super modern light weight hard back variety so popular today. For shooting convienience we’ve modified them for quick release so we can whip them out, and pop them back. We finish the set with real aircraft galleys front and back, we provide the carts and ovens, but you need to provide the catering!

Like all our sets its prelit with camera tested LED lighting. Theres RGB to the ceiling and bicolour to the wall washes. The seat belt signs all work as do the overhead reading lights. All in all a super realistic and workable cabin set.




business Class - Modern Long Haul Film Set

Need something special, then why not use our modern business class interior set. Suitable for long haul travel and built with lots of space in mind. The set can have upto 32 seats in a 4 row layout. Each seat has its own fold out tray table, reading light and TV monitor. The seat will recline into a fully flatbed.

As with all our sets its fully lit with RGBW camera tested LED lighting. To make the passage of camera around the set easier, each seat floats as do the side walls. In addition you can float ceiling panels to fix lights to the rigging above. The Central block offer side by side “pairs” to make interaction and dialogue between characters easy to shoot.

The cabin has 2 doors at the front and 2 at the rear. Galleys and other cabins can be added to extend this set for integration between the different cabin classes.

All of this built on the deck for an easy exterior light.


Airbus A330 - Modern Long Haul Film Set

A superb representation of a modern Airbus A330 widebody airliner.

Providing up to 20 rows of “2-aisle-4-aisle-2” layout with two loos to the front of the cabin leading to a mid galley section with exterior boarding doors. As with most of our sets its all prelit with Camera tested LED bicolour throughout. The overhead reading lights work as do the seatbelt signs. The overhead lockers are all practical and we have overhead oxygen masks that can drop for those inflight emergencies. We have a hero row of seats where the rear headrest screens work (think iPad linked to wifi). We have a choice of either black or brown seats, all with entertainment screens and games consol / telephone handsets. Whatever your seat choice they’re all on quick release rails meaning we can get them in and out fast as your camera travels the cabin.



Its the representation of the First Class section of a 747 Long Haul Airliner. It has 8 “pods” in total, 4 each side, each of which reclines into a flat bed.